Look Up From Your Screen

This is another one of those great reminders, ironically shared by the medium it critiques. There are some brilliant lines in it. My favourite is probably "Give people your love not your like." The timeline section of meeting his wife, getting married, having a daughter, becoming a grandfather, then becoming a widow had me in tears.

So when you watch something like this you nod and say "that's so true", but what do you do about it?
Will you declare a "tech free" day at your home?
Will you take your kids to the park?
Will you go for a walk with your wife and leave your phone at home?
Will you learn to draw a map on a piece of paper instead of relying on Google?

Of course social media is not all bad, not in the least. It allows us to connect with vast amounts of people, share moments that really matter, reconnect with friends and family and make new ones.

I think the core message is BALANCE.  Ok, I've blogged and shared this, now I'm going outside.

Thank you Gary Turk

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