One of the things I love about Constellation Research is how the firm practices what it preaches.  Everything we talk about of course relates to innovation, but we are ourselves innovating all the time. For example, internally, our production process is constantly trying new ways to streamline how research gets converted into high grade publications.  

Externally in the past twelve months we opened up the Constellation Executive Network which provides new ways to access or research and analysts.  And last week we launched the latest Constellation Research product: the Constellation ShortList™

The Constellation ShortList program provides technology buyers a curated list of solution providers to consider in their pursuit of digital transformation in a wide range of categories.  Products and services named in each Constellation ShortList meet particular threshold criteria in each category, as determined by Constellation Research through ongoing client and partner conversations, customer references, market share, mind share, publications, and our continuous internal research.  Each list is updated by its responsible analyst on a short cycle -- typically every three months -- so our clients always have an up-to-date guide to help them save time in competitive technology evaluation.  

My first Constellation ShortLists were published last week. 

Cloud Identity Management (CIM)  

CIM is a natural evolution of hosted identity management services, and has boomed over the past three years.  At this stage I have short-listed (in alphabetical order) CA Technologies, ForgeRock, IBM,   Microsoft, Okta, OneLogin, Ping Identity, Salesforce, and VMware.  This is a particularly dynamic category, so watch this space for new entries and exits! 

Distributed Ledger Labs (DLTs) 

DLTs are the natural progression of blockchain, expanding the vision of this decentralised secure data structure from cryptcurrency to mainstream applications.  They are highly complex, and until commoditised, buyers should stick to the large research consortia or laboratories. For now I have short-listed (in alphabetical order): R3, Hyperledger Foundation, Microsoft Azure Blockchain as a Service, and Ping Identity / Swirlds.