Palantir will move its workloads to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure in a partnership that also includes the two companies jointly selling to governments as well as enterprises.

The partnership will combine Palantir's AI platform and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. The deal has multiple parts to it, but the gist is that the two companies plan to jointly target governments and enterprises with Oracle distributed cloud and AI infrastructure and Palantir's AI Platform (AIP) and Foundry decision support platform.

Both companies are seeing strong growth among governments looking to keep data in-country.

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Here's a look at the moving parts of the partnership:

  • Palantir will move its Foundry workloads to OCI.
  • Palantir's Gotham and AIP will be available in OCI's public cloud as well as Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Dedicated Regions, Oracle Alloy, Oracle EU Sovereign Cloud, Oracle Government Cloud and Oracle Roving Edge.
  • Oracle will workloads and an increase in ongoing cloud revenue.
  • Both companies will jointly sell and support cloud and AI services across government and commercial accounts.

The Oracle and Palantir combination will line up against C3 AI in government and enterprise accounts. C3 AI has partnerships with Microsoft Azure, AWS and Google Cloud.

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