Arcion is a Databricks Venture company. According to Databricks, the plan is to use Arcion to create native tools to ingest data into the Databricks Lakehouse Platform from multiple databases and applications.

For Databricks, the play is to better ingest data from transaction databases as well as data on-premises. Arcion has a change data capture engine that has connectors to more than 20 enterprise databases and data warehouses. The purchase follows Databricks' $1.3 billion purchase of MosaicML.

In a statement, Ali Ghodsi, CEO of Databricks, said Arcion will enable the company's customers "to make that data available almost instantly for faster and more informed decision-making."

Arcion CEO Gary Hagmueller said in a blog post that the goal of the company was to build enterprise data pipelines quickly. After all, enterprises will need to get their data game down to benefit from generative AI.

Multiple vendors are trying to make it easier to ingest data to make it more accessible for secure model training and generative AI. It’s likely that there will be a series of tuck-in acquisitions from the major data platforms including Snowflake, MongoDB, Databricks and a bevy of others.

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