Adobe is scaling its Firefly Generative AI across enterprise content workflows and embedding it into Adobe Express. The upshot is that enterprises will be able to safely scale on-brand images, video and text using generative AI.

The news, announced at Adobe Summit EMEA 2023, is the next step in scaling Firefly by embedding it in Adobe's portfolio of apps and Creative Cloud for enterprises. Adobe is looking to expand its market from creative pros, marketing and communications to knowledge workers including regional field marketing, sales, product, customer success and other roles. The idea is that content creation can be democratized within the enterprise. 

Here's what you need to know:

Adobe Firefly and Express

  • Adobe Firefly Generative AI is now integrated into Adobe Express, Adobe's all-in-one content creation app that has a new version in beta.
  • Adobe Express brings together photo, design, video, document and generative AI tools into one editor.
  • Adobe Express is integrated into Creative Cloud and Experience Manager.
  • Firefly content is trained on Adobe stock and publicly available images and tagged with Content Credentials, which provides transparency into the origin of content.
  • Adobe and Google will partner to bring Firefly and Express to Google's Bard AI service. Creators will be able to describe their vision in bard to create Firefly generated images directly in Bard and then modify in Express.
  • The new Adobe Express adds a bevy of new features including PDF support, collaboration tools and animations to name a few.
  • Adobe Express is available today in beta for the desktop version with a mobile version on deck. 

Adobe Firefly and Adobe Express go enterprise

  • Firefly for Enterprise makes the generative AI technology available companywide for content creation and editing in Express, Experience Manager or Creative Cloud.
  • Firefly for Enterprise will be available via the standalone Firefly application as well as Express and Creative Cloud.
  • Firefly will leverage Adobe's collection of templates, fonts, stock images, videos and music and can combine with a company's branded assets via API.
  • Enterprises "have the opportunity to obtain an IP indemnity from Adobe for content generated by certain Firefly-powered workflows."

The big picture

Since Adobe launched Firefly content creators have been busy generating new images. Since March, Firefly beta users have generated more than 200 images. Photoshop users have generated more than 150 million images in two weeks using the Generative Fill feature.

Given Adobe can provide enterprises IP indemnity it's likely that businesses will quickly look to automate and scale content creation. Indeed, Adobe said companies such as IBM, Dentsu and Mattel are experimenting with Firefly to "drive efficiencies, reduce costs and accelerate their content supply chains."

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This acceleration of content supply chains blends together well with Salesforce's efforts with Marketing GPT and Commerce GPT. Adobe is infusing generative AI across its portfolio at a rapid clip. For instance, Adobe also added Adobe Sensei GenAI, a co-pilot for marketers and customer experience teams, to Adobe Experience Cloud applications.


Constellation Research analyst Liz Miller said:

"Generative AI and the creative power of Adobe Firefly opens up a whole new age of creativity. Coupled with the features of Adobe Express we are inviting a whole new team to the creative table...literally anyone who wants to create. Adobe made a promise a couple years back to democratize creativity. These announcements bring that into an easy to use, accessible to all formats. Express in an enterprise environment means assets created for social to assets created in customer service now all reside within the enterprise for use. That...and Firefly and Express are just fun to use."

What remains to be seen is whether these generative AI efforts will create branded content sprawl and how enterprises will manage it. On an analyst briefing, Adobe's Matthew Purdon, Sr. Product Director, Digital Media B2B, said that enterprises will develop policies about how and when generative AI can be used for their brand content. "There will be controls around this as well. It is early days," said Purdon, who added that "there will be best practices for review and approval."