At Constellation Research we’ve initiated what should be an annual survey of business preparedness for blockchain-related technologies, or what we prefer to call Synchronous Ledger Technologies

We aim to benchmark awareness of blockchain-based building blocks and services, the level of investment businesses are making, and the readiness of technology buyers to implement blockchain solutions. The data we gather will help populate research reports, and over time, should help reveal how this sector is maturing.

In more detail, the survey drills into the following:  

  1. Market awareness – what is the relative prominence of various initiatives in the minds of buyers, and which ones are attracting the most activity?
  2. Organizational involvement – which arms of business are most active in ledger technologies?
  3. Budget – what is the absolute commitment to new ledger technologies?  
  4. Activity – how do businesses engage in the major blockchain industry activities, as observers, participants, founders and so on?
  5. Success factors – what do businesses see as the prerequisites for taking up these solutions?
  6. Workforce – what are the priorities for internal capacity building?

The survey should take five minutes, and in exchange for participation, we'll send a summary of the results, and a set of slides about the results you can use them in your own presentations.

Here’s a link to the questionnaire

And thanks in advance for your participation!