We had the opportunity to attend HireVue’s yearly user conference, Digital Disruption in Deer Valley, held from June 13th till 15th at the beautiful Stein Ericson lodge. The conference was well attended with over 600 participants, more exhibitors, and more sessions – a clear sign that both HireVue and ecosystem are doing well. 
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Here you go: Always tough to pick the takeaways – but here are my Top 3:

Good Housekeeping – It is always important for customers to see – improved user interface has come to the product. Moreover automated actions will be powerful tools to make HireVue users more productive. In the interview process itself, HireVue has added screen share capabilities. Also multi section interviews, with the help of pictures and charts, can enrich the interview experience.

Digital Assessments – HireVue has been on the vanguard of brining predictive analytics to the hiring process, the next step announced at Digital Disruption was to combine the Analytics / Machine Learning side with the traditional I/O Psychology side. Both Chief Data Scientist and Chief I/O Psychologist officers were on stage, showing what the combination of the two discipline can yield when applied to Recruiting: E.g. a large hotel chain was able to cut down the hiring time for large teams from 40 to 8 days. Impressive results that show there is potential of bringing the two together, but also concerns – see below.

HireVue is more than Recruiting, moves to Coaching – When you have powerful video interview processing capabilities, you can bring them also to other processes, e.g. sales training / coaching. At the end of sales training, enterprises want to see what has been learnt and sales people want to practice. A video interview capability is handy here to show how well training has been understood and even more importantly to show if the newly trained capabilities can be demonstrated. Being able to process the learning progress of sales people in a similar way like processing candidate interviews is where the opportunity is for HireVue. And a number of large organizations have taken notice and are already using HireVue for Sales Training Effectiveness and Coaching.


Another good event for HireVue and its customers. Customers see a functional foot print expansion, more value from combining I/O psychology with data science and the mostly HR based buying center can now start a conversation with sales in regards of training and coaching. All good developments for HireVue customers.

On the concern side the vendor needs to be careful not to ‘just’ put I/O best practices on a new ‘engine’ – but re-think and likely create the new I/O best practices and processes that 21st century technology enables.

But overall a very good event, HireVue has established an impressive partner ecosystem, customers are excited on the existing and upcoming capabilities. With Sales Training / Coaching HireVue is in the process of getting a ‘2nd leg’ as a software provider, never a trivial process, but encouraging progress. Stay tuned.

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