In the Constellation Research report, Segmenting Audiences By Digital Proficiency, we introduced the idea of categorising people by a combination of their comfort and skill level with technology instead of by age. One of the things that contributes to a person's knowledge and comfort is an understanding of the current terminology used in the digital workplace, in this case specifically social networking.

Not long ago the main tools people used at work for communication were email and chat, and the main actions associated with those were Reply and Create Memo. In the era of social networking, employees now need to be familiar with terms like @mention, hashtag, check-in, follow, like and share.  

As a compliment to the Digital Proficiency report, Constellation has just published A Guide to the New Actions and Objects of the Digital Workplace.  This report provides a glossary of the items that digital workers should be familiar with, supported by examples from several consumer (ex: Facebook, Twitter) and enterprise social networks (ex: Jive, IBM Connections). It also covers the strengths and weaknesses of email versus social networking, and provides guidance on how employees should prepare for and use the new tools and actions now available to them.


Table of Contents
- Out with the Old, In with the Social
- What’s Wrong with Email?
  - Restricts audiences
  - Creates formatting challenges
  - Lacks useful integration
- Understand the New Nouns and Verbs
- How Does This Affect My Job?
- Quick Start Guide

Click here for more information on A Guide to the New Actions and Objects of the Digital Workplace, the first in a series of add-ons reports that build upon the Digital Proficiency framework.