This morning Google launched the beta version of Google Cloud Dataproc - a new offering that will interest BigData projects being undertaken.
Here are the key takeaways in case you can't watch:
  • A combined Hadoop / Spark instance can be setup in less than 2 minutes - significant simplification for developers of BigData projects.
  • All embedded into the rest of the Google Cloud Platform - other tools are available (e.g. BigQuery, BigTable etc.).
  • All embedded with the rest of the commercial side of Google Cloud Platform - minute based bllling, presciptive instances etc. 


    A good move by Google, bringing two dynamic (and complex to tame) and popular opensource technologies. Well integrated with the rest of Google Cloud Platform - and substantial documentation and how to guides are out there, so a good launch by Google. 
    It is likely there will be alternatives from other cloud players soon, enterprises should check the assumptions and operations that Google (and others) plan. And a 'beta' label is always a sign of caution in the enterprise.  
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