First Take – Google I/O 2016 – Day #1 Keynote – Enterprise Takeaways [From the Fences]

It’s a busy week in May and I missed being in person in Mountain View for the Day #1 keynote of Google I/O due to another conference, incoventiently located in Florida, but that gave me a chance to watch the livestream recording on the flight back.


Instead of rehashing all announcement – here are my Top 3 takeaways for the enterprise, so take a look:
No time to watch - take a look at my one slide summary:
First Take - Google Google I/O - Day #1 Keynote - Enterprise Takeaways from Holger Mueller

I plan to add more commentary later today.


A good start of I/O for Google. The event has the format of the 2015 edition of I/O - full focus on Android, no distractons, no moonshots, the message is clear - build Android apps on the Google (Cloud) Plaform, using differentiators like speech recognition, artificial intelligence and virtual reality (more of a future). 
When Google misses a platform - like for chat - it is in the good position to 'just' create one - with Allo and Duo. Both have an uphill battle to really get the clicks, attention, typing, talking of the users - as there are many, more popular as longer introduced chat products. What is clear for enterprises that are consumer facing - it's time to look at the chat / bot / conversation frameworks. Too much eyes and investment is on this right now, and the risk to be late and left out key business, assuming all this will work and will be widely adopted, is simply to big. 
It's good to see that Google is doing clear housekeeping on Android, improving performance, adding features. And the approach to virtual reality is very consistent to the overall Android approach - device diversity across many headset and phone makers. We now have three very different approaches how to tackle the VR / AR future across Facebook, Google and Microsoft - so it will be interesting to watch how this pans out. Stay tuned for more from Google I/O this week.