We have the opportunity to attend Google's Google Cloud Platform event this week in San Francisco, a key event for Google in the on going 'battle for the public cloud'.


So take a look for my top 3 takeaways:


No time to watch - read on:

Greene Debut - Since Diane Greene joined Google in November last year, there has been a lot of expectation, that she will move the Goggle offerings into a better place with the enterprise. In her short remarks she hit good points in regards of investment (almost 10B in 2015 alone) and TCO savings. As an avid sailor she used the revolutionary foils as a metaphor what Google wants to do for the enterprise.

GCP grows - Urs Hoelzle then walked us through key advancements of Google Cloud Platform (GCP), after unveiling the pitch line for GCP - better software faster. What stuck with me is once again scale, focus on security, machine learning and the new buzzword 'NoOps' vs DevOps.

3 layers of GCP -  Then it came to Brian Stevens to share the three layers of GCP, Infrastructure and Operations, Application Development and Data and Analytics. This structure formed his part of the keynote with key announcements in each area.., couple with a major customer win.

  • Infrastructure and Operations - This year Google will add a data center in Tokyo and Oregon, and 10 more locations will come by 2017. Locations are key for speed and compliance and it is good to see that Google is ramping up GCP locations. The key product announcement was Stackdriver, the new GCP Ops Console, that interestingly not only shows GCP loads and operations, but offers insights into 3rd party clouds, too - today AWS Cloud. The key customer win was Coca-Cola.
  • Application Development - The key demo here was around Kubernetes, scaling a load well on GCP, more interestingly though also in hybrid mode, which Google demoed with an Intel server on stage. The key customer win was Disney Interactive.
  • Data & Analytics - On the product side Google showed Datastudio 360 and and then unveiled Cloud Machine Learning, a key step forward on how to build 'true' analytics applications. The key customer win was Spotify, which was demoed impressively. 


I tweeted my Top 3 questions before the event on what enterprises (and me) are looking for Google to address - here they are:

So how did Google do?

Ad 1 - Google was not too explicit here - but being able to monitor loads in AWSCloud and move them makes clear what the options for enterprises are. And with a strong focus on MachineLearning on top of BigData Google things it can out feature AWSCloud and Azure.

Ad 2 - As we know from enterprises already, its hard to figure out how Google and GCP can specifically help them. There is perceived value, but it is not tangible enough. And while Coca-Cola, Disney Interactive and Spotify are great customer wins from a pure breed cloud showcase - they don't give the average CIO confidence that GCP can power their use cases.

Ad 3 - Google did a very good job here and has probably the most impressive offering in the market. But again - how does it relate to an enterprise out there is the question. It was very impressive to see how Spotify uses the MachineLearning and BigData tools - probably a key reason for chosing GCP - but how does it relate to the average CIO out there looking at Google was not addressed.

So overall a good start for Google, it has shown once again what it does well, work with enormous amounts of data, process with a lot of compute and a very attractive price - but we knew that before. Good to see focus and progress on security and administration, with a multicloud angle. But it is only Day #1 at the event - stay tuned for more tomorrow.

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