We have the opportunity to attend Infor’s user conference Inforum in New Orleans - which is well attended with over 6000 participants.

Here are my Top 3 Takeaways from the Day 1 keynote:
  • Infor Xi - Infor announced its new platform, Infor Xi. Infor Xi is key for Infor as it will be the platform on which it will run its next generation, CloudSuite products. Infor Xi comes with a good DNA, leveraging AWS as public cloud infrastructure and popular open source products like PostgreSQL, using standards like HTML5 and XML. Infor complements AWS with key monitoring and support features needed for enterprises, as COO Murphy presented.

Infor Xi Platform Features

  • CloudSuite - And on top of Infor Xi runs Infor Cloudsuite Corporate - for now mainly horizontal functions like Finance, HCM and Purchasing. CloudSuite Corporate will be the applications foundation for the microvertical applications that Infor is bringing to the cloud with the help of Infor Xi. On top of that Infor today announced CloudSuite Business, the first vertical CloudSuite offering (based on Syteline).  

Scholl presents CloudSuite

  • UpgradeX - When vendors have a new go to platform as Infor has with CloudSuite, it is key to move their install base to it. And with a vast, fragmented across numerous acquired applications install base like Infor - these upgrade / migration programs are even more crucial for customer and the vendor. We will check in the 24 hours to get a pulse on where the UpgradeX programs stands and what customers think about it. 

MyPOV - A good start to Inforum with key product announcements with Infor Xi and Infor CloudSuite Business. It will be key for Infor to show how the deep (micro) vertical capabilities will migrate over to the new cloud world, with programs like UpgradeX playing a key role to move the customer base. We will use the next days to get some clarity on both.
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