We had the opportunity to attend WorkForce Software 's Vision 2018 user conference held at the Grand Sheraton at Wild Horse Pass, South of Phoenix. The conference was well attended by customers, prospects and partners, substantial growth over 2017 in New Orleans.  


Prefer to watch – here is my event video … (if the video doesn't' show up – check here - pardon the bad sound quality at times, will have to record when time allows)









Here is the 1 slide condensation (if the slide doesn't show up, check here):




Want to read on - here are the key takeaways summed up in a Twitter Moment:



Good progress by WorkForce Software, that keeps growing and investing into product and infrastructure. New capabilities are key and the new Crew Management capability is an important step forward. Mort importantly even,it's the first time I have seen a modern and adequate UX from WorkForce Software, a UX that not only does the job, but is easy and intuitive to use. More to come says the vendor. 
On the concern side, a user conference  in 2018 with no story on AI / ML, no virtual assistant and no chat integration is ... a little dated. WorkForce needs to understand the implications of these technologies and move its products forwards and towards them.
But for now good times at  WorkForce  Software, that remains the viable alternative to the 800 pound gorilla of Workforce Management, Kronos, in its 5 focus industries. Stay tuned. 

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