We had the opportunity to attend NetSuite’s SuiteWorld user conference in San Jose, held from May 17th till May 19th 2016. The conference was well attended with over 8000 participants, coming from customers, prospects and the ecosystem. 

So take a look at this short video:

No time to watch? Here are my one slide, Top 3 takeaways:
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Here you go: Always tough to pick the takeaways – but here are my Top 3:
NetSuite grows up – CEO Nelson shared a dazzling number of stats how large NetSuite has become, largely in technical terms, nonetheless impressive. And NetSuite is well on the way to becoming a 1B$+ software company, there are not too many out there who are in this illustrious club.
Best Practices Innovation – Nelson focused on what enterprises needed to do in the age of digital transformation and what NetSuite is doing to help them, obviously tying this into key new capabilities of NetSuite: 
  • Intelligent Order Management will help enterprises to fulfill orders, across channels, an important capability given NetSuites’s recent push into omni-commerce.
  • Suite Billing across all different business models will be supported by NetSuite. President McGeever coined the new capability well with ‘if you can sell it – we can bill it’. Given the number of billing partners, I am curious on the reaction out of the partner ecosystem in the next weeks.
  • More global capabilities – NetSuite will keep investing into more global capabilities for its OneWorld product, a good move. .
paaS comes to NetSuite – NetSuite has always done a good job maintaining its platform, e.g. allowing customization from the start. But it never went far to court developers and encourage enterprises to build larger, more strategic functionality on top of NetSuite. That is changing, with a first, small developer area being established at SuiteWorld, and even more importantly it has gotten into PaaS with a little ‘p’ via the Suite Development Framework (SDF). [I refer to a PaaS with a little 'p' to a development platform that only / predominantly allows for extending or integrating an existing ERP application, versus a development platform that enables building stand alone enterprise applications].


A good SuiteWorld event for NetSuite. The vendor is making the right moves to energize the ecosystem, and keep customers happy. An accelerated path to implementation, stopping the gap between what was demoed and what was really developed is a vital and valuable strategy in the cloud era.
My concern in NetSuite operating for (maybe too) long on a 'mature' technology stack has been addressed high level with moves towards Hadoop processing, machine learning capabilities (a start) and better system configuration.
Now NetSuite needs to show it can really grow an ecosystem, create an open marketplace that creates the synergies needed to create such an ecosystem. It was also good to see that NetSuite keeps investing into good housekeeping - around performance improvements and new functionality. All this addresses potential medium term concerns very well, and NetSuite remains a vendor that is likely to make the shortlist for an enterprise that is looking for a complete, cloud based ERP suite.