We had the opportunity to attend the HR Tech conference this week in Las Vegas. New record attendance with close to 30k attendees, record exhibitors, sessions etc. it is clear if you are looking for the latest in HR, you need to be at HR Tech.

So take a peek:
If you can't watch - here are the key takeaways
  • Analytics - This remains a key trend to make HR applications better for end users. Hope you could make it to the panel I was honored to moderate on Monday, with the key analytic leaders of Castlight Health, Cornerstone, Equifax Workforce Solutions, Ulimate Software and Workday. We tried to shed some light on why it cannot always be explained why an analytical applications makes a certain decision, hope it resounded with the audience. Unfortunately both Meerkat and Periscope failed... so it can't be shared. But the 500 attendees for sure enjoyed the panel, thanks to the great panelists I had.
  • Talent Managmement is alive - We not only see innovation in Recruiting, but also in Performance Management. And working Performance Management is key to make overall Talent Management work. So let's hope that the latest advances on more small time cycle feedback and coaching, coupled with e.g. anonymous feedback, will make a difference.
  • UI Innovation is alive - Vendors can't stand still on improving their UIs, which is great news for enterprises, as adoption will accelerate. Making it easier for users to use HR applications is a win / win for enterprises and vendors alike.
  • Compliance remains key - ACA offerings have now matured and can be found with almost every vendor. Enterprises should look for breadth and depth on the compliance vendor side, so they don't create a compliance integration problem, on top of the existing integration problems.
  • Adoption - Clearly enterprises are using  more from the same vendors, so integration provided by vendors works for both sides, the vendors and the enterprises.


Clearly the event to be if you are in HCM, don't miss Chicago next year!

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