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Outstanding Speaker Lineup - Workhuman stands out on the conference circuit with an exceptional speaker lineup. The pre-conference could easily have been the full external speaker line up for any other, well funded vendor conference. And in the main conference, give a conference that has Salma Hayek, Amal Clooney and Ashley Judd ('relegated' to a panelist in a MeToo panel) in the run of 24 hours. It is by design, Globoforce wants the WorkHuman conference not to be about product, but though leadership, inspiration and purpose. 
Globoforce WorkHuman 2018 Constellation Research Holger Mueller
The Globoforce WorkHuman Cloud
Globoforce launches WorkHuman Cloud - Inside all the great speaker lineup, it was a challenge to get the attention to what really mattered to any user community - the launch of a new Globoforce product, not surprisingly called the WorkHuman Cloud. It's a suite of five reward / recognition - if you want Performance management capabilities, built on a single platform. All the usual suite benefits apply - single sign-on, UI consistency (some work left), common foundation etc. An almost overdue move by Globoforce, who has been a multi module / product vendor since quite some time. Adoption is not so much of a concern, as true SaaS vendor style, the existing customers are 'on' the platform already with their existing products. 
Globoforce WorkHuman 2018 Constellation Research Holger Mueller
Globoforce WorkHuman Emloyee Dashboard
Impressive Customer Stories - Workhuman stands out from the regular conferences in the sense that it gives more stage to customers than the average conference. Nothing is more powerful than having customers share how they implemented a product, and how it helped them create benefits and favorable outcomes. A lot, impressive, educational and sometimes even inspirational success stories were shared at WorkHuman, no surprises, as we know that a well implemented rewards and recognition system, can have substantial positive impact on the performance of an enterprise.  
Globoforce WorkHuman 2018 Constellation Research Holger Mueller
Globoforce WorkHuman My Life Events


WorkHuman stands out as a remarkably different conference. Customers and prospects of Globoforce clearly enjoy the format, and vote by increasing attendance. The success shows a lack of vendor independent, grand scheme (work human!) focus events that serve the HR community. Clearly something that user group conferences should to - but clearly are not doing. Good to see the product progress by Globoforce, who has changed and improved the user experience, and most importantly created a suite of products, the next milestone of maturation of any software vendor. 
On the concern side, Globoforce could be a little concerned on how to top this conference in 2019. I would be. And it was remarkable, and deeply surprising, that it was hard for the audience to pay attention to the product updates during the keynote, which were ... substantial. Too much motivation and inspiration makes the product message dull, and at the end of the day, users attend user conferences to learn ... about the product. Inspirational speakers are great, but not the argument to implement, upgrade or purchase a product, that is needed to convince the rest of the enterprise to invest further into any software product.
But for now, Globoforce has setup one of the best HR "Un-conferences" on the circuit, probably the best for a vendor. As with anything, success comes with repercussions... and I can't wait to see how WorkHuman 2019 will shape out. Stay tuned.  
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