This week Box held their annual conference BoxWorks, with the 2018 theme being "The blueprint for the future of work".

In the two videos below I provide my thoughts on the key themes and product announcements.

Part 1: Three Key Themes in Box's evolution to Cloud Content Management

  • Evolution from Cloud File Storage to Cloud Content Management
  • Digital Workplace - A seamless Employee Experience for content and collaboration
  • Content Intelligence - Automating tasks and extracting insights

Part 2: News and Overall Thoughts


My Analysis

  • Box continues to hold their own and grow in a market could have easily been commoditized by Microsoft OneDrive and Google Drive
  • They continue to improve the user experience, solving common ECM issues like finding content
  • Until now, Box was more of a service than a destination. With Feed, Activity Stream, Recommended Apps, Automation and other features, the amount of time people spend in Box itself will increase.
  • Customers would like better clarity and a more specific roadmap around ”announced features” versus shipping.
  • Business Partners are unsure of which features will remain 3rd party add-ons and what areas Box will add with native functionality