This week one Workday will have their user conference in Las Vegas, Rising, so it's time to collect thoughts before the conference gets in full swing soon.


So take a peek, here you go:


In case you have no chance to watch - the key areas to watch here:

  • Workday Momentum - Workday is an exceptional growth story - it will be interesting to see how customers, prospects, the overall ecosystem is doing.
  • HCM - Time to see if and which more of analytical apps are shipping, good to check momentum of recruiting, how things are doing on Payroll both natively provided by Workday and then with the many partners and lastly how the Learning management partnerships are doing. 
  • Finance - It really comes back to momentum, and what other capabilities Workday has added recently to convince customers of its capability to run BigFin.
  • SCM - SCM? Yes really SCM - Workday announced Inventory capabilities for Healthcare earlier this year. But inventory is as horizontal a ERP capability as the come - so it will be important to understand where Workday plans to apply Inventory beyond Healthcare and if this is going to become 'the third leg of the stool' for Workday.
  • Industry Momentum - Workday is seeking growth from more vertical functionality, time to check where things stand and what the plans are. 
  • Technology - The objective from my side is to scoop up any platform innovation - may it be on the deployment side or user interface side and more.
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