Before making it to Oracle OpenWorld it is time to sort out some thoughts on where Oracle stands overall, where the event will likely take the vendor and what prospects and customers should look into.

So take a peek:

If you didn't have a chance to watch here are the key points
  • Oracle is in the process of building a massive integrated technology stack - from 'chip to click' - so from the silicon to SaaS. I will be key to check on progress, quality and attractiveness for enterprises.
  • Last year the focus was on PaaS, what will it be this year? Expect more SaaS, PaaS and likely more IaaS, which is overdue. Oracle was also one of the first vendors talking DaaS (Data as a Sevice) so will be key to check in on that, too.
  • For customers the key thing to watch is if the synergies of the integrated stack work for them. Customers should explore both horizontal and vertical direction for further pieces of the Oracle integration stack. First step needs to be on the validation of the synergies, are they there directionally there, are they there in product, are they there as ROI and customer references.
It will be a wild ride - when you see me, step by to say Hi! - I always love a short chat and catch-up.


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