What should end user consider when going to HR Tech in Las Vegas - the 18th edition, happening in Las Vegas this week.


So take a peek:

If you don't have a chance to watch - here are the key points:
  • Prepare for the event - It will be crazy there, but everybody is there - so plan ahead.
  • Check in with the existing vendor(s) - What is new, what do the plan to do, how much interest can they garner, where are the booths, are they spending more or less on marketing than last year, etc. 
  • Check in with your vendor(s)'s competitors - same as above, with a frivolous atmosphere. 
  • Consider portfolio cleanup - Less moving parts makes less headaches - what could you consolidate?
  • Check out the implementation partners - Talk to your existing one as well as look for alternatives. Even if you don't want to switch anything, always good to know options.
  • Attend sessions - The proven HR Tech vehicle of mostly 
  • Get familiar with technology trends that matter to HR:
    - Understand what is happening with Analytics - read more here on what it is about - and attend a panel with Castlight Health, Cornerstone, Equfax, Ultimate, Workday moderated by yours truly at Monday, 11 AM (more here, Technology Insight, TECH1 session).
    - BigData - Bring together all your relevant information without knowing what questions you want to ask - for the first time. Know what Hadoop is and what your vendor is doing and planning in that space.
    - Cloud - is a given. But understand data center locations, see my recent blog post / video on the EU High Court invalidating the Safe Harbor agreement here.
    - Mobile - Understand the plans - make sure the mot popular operating systems - iOS and Android are equally supported by your vendor. 
  • 5 new business cards - At least make 5 new connections with peers in the industry.
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