Later this week we will see Google's key developer conference, Google I/O start in Mountain View, so it's time to bring thoughts in order around what to expect.
So take a look at my musings:


No chance to watch - here is the one slide summary: 
A key event for Google, first of all we will have to see if this will be a Google I/O in the format of the 2015 edition, which was focussed all over Android, omitting the broad coverage of the previous editions. Regardless of that it will be important for Google to keep developers focussed on the target, build more Android applications, and get more differentiation from Google Cloud Platform for them. No surprise - as shared at Google Cloud Platform - those differentiators are around Machine Learning, Analytics and Big Data. Google Now on Tap was going to make them more tangible for developers, but the relatively small uptake of Android M makes innovations like these less widely available. Backward compatibility of new features that Google is likely going to announce around Android N will be key. And lastly it will be all about generating load for Google Cloud Platform - may it come from Android or new innovations. It will be an exciting Google I/O. Stay tuned. 

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