Before AWS reInvent starts in Las Vegas this week, I took the time to collect some thoughts on where AWS stands and what we may hear this week in Las Vegas.

So take a peak

Or if you can't watch, here are the key takeaways

  • Major Cloud Event - Probably the busiest event for cloud - look for announcements from almost all major players.
  • What will be the AWS surprise? - No idea, but looking at the surprises of 2013 (Kinesis and Workspace) and 2014 (lambda) - for all we will have to look for updates regarding roadmap and adoption. What comes after lambda? Mu?
  • New Instances - Very likely for AWS to announce new instances types, usually at the premium end - so expect more high compute, high memory, SSD leaning instance types.
  • Price reductions - AWS has traditionally announced price reductions at reInvent - not so (for a first) last year - let's see what AWS will do in this regards.
  • From utility to platform - I see in general a need for AWS to move towards more platform - we will see if we get more announcements / data points in these regards. In general enterprises like platforms over tool collection. Opposite story for developers.
  • Chasing load - It will be important to see how AWS plans to capture more load for future growth. ISVs (see e.g. the Infor partnership) are a key to load, we will see if Amazon has more in store. 

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