We had the opportunity to attend Equifax Insight’s EFX Forum user conference in Scottsdale, held April 25th till 27th, at the beautiful Marriott Camelback resort in Scottsdale. The conference was well attended with about 200 attendees, good partner representation and influencer selection. 


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Always tough to pick the takeaways – but here are my Top 3:

Opening by Equifax Insights with Trusler

International looms – Always good to software vendors taking the show on ‘the road’ or around the world. The beauty of software and intellectual property (IP) is that once something is built and / or understood you can take it to other markets. In the case of Equifax Insights, it is not so easy, as local data and assets have to be understood, acquired or licensed. And Equifax Insights has done its homework here with Canada and Australia, with immediate plans this year, with the UK to follow. The first step will be similar services to what Equifax Insights is known for in the US, “The Works Number”.

Hamdi shares three takeaways from BigData Research

Workforce Insights on Compensation – Last year Equifax Insights promised to live up to its name, and provide more insights. One year later the vendor has lived up to the promise and delivers help for making better compensation decisions, a popular offering these days. Though Equifax Insights does not address this from the paycheck angle, but from its credit bureau data. A classic BigData and Data as a Service (DaaS) use case that gives an important additional data (and insight) angle when making compensation decisions. 

Full House at EFX Forum 2017

Touch ID for Talent Acquisition – One common nuisance for applicants is to have to provide common information (e.g. address) repeatedly for each application. One common concern for employers is that the provided information is not accurate. With hiring frequency and volumes up as the economy moves into more of a gig economy, the Equifax Insights InstaTouchID service is a win / win between applicant and hiring enterprises. It’s also the option for Equifax to become a provider of individual record services, but that’s for a later time.

Panel Action with Jessica Wadd, Madeline Laurano, Holger Mueller and John Sumser (ltr)


Equifax Insights keeps showing good progress on its products, extending functionality and capability on a regular basis. DaaS capabilities are interesting for enterprises, who look for easy and effective solutions to improve their data quality, compliance and overall efficiency. The internationalization efforts are encouraging, and should help set the Equifax Insights business on a more steady, global growth path, reducing exposure to the USA as so far only market.

On the concern side, Equifax Insights needs to move phase and come to a strategy that moves it beyond being a ‘tactical’ provider of compliance and data quality. Compliance is a substantial challenge for enterprises with many complexities, CFOs and CHROs don’t want to add complexity by using many, maybe too many compliance and data services providers. They rather would prefer to use a single provider, but in absence of any provider stepping up for a complete Compliance as a Service (CaaS) solution, need to piecemeal the provider decisions. The player who first manages to consolidate Compliance through acquisition, partnership or organic growth, will reap the benefits of CaaS. Equifax Insights needs to work hard to stay in the game here, but has attractive starting positions.

But for now, all is good progress for Equifax Insights customers, partners and the vendor. Stay tuned for more from Equifax Insights, DaaS and CaaS on this blog soon.

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