Digital Proficiency Report CoverResearch uncovers catering to five generations of digital workers yields higher levels of engagement

Toronto, Ontario – April 9, 2014 Constellation Research, announced today the publication of “Segmenting Audiences By Digital Proficiency” by Constellation Vice President and Principal Analyst, Alan Lepofsky. This Big Ideas report reveals that segmenting audiences by digital proficiency yields more effective engagement strategies than segmenting by age. The report establishes five levels of digital proficiency, and provides a digital proficiency-centered framework for readers to utilize in the creation of their own engagement strategy. A free snapshot of the report is available for download.

Report highlights:

  • The way people interact with technology can be broken down into three primary components: content, people and actions
  • Five Digital Proficiency categories: Digital Holdouts, Digital Disengaged, Digital Voyeurs, Digital Immigrants and Digital Natives
  • Example scenarios of how Digital Proficiency can be used as a framework to plan improvements in employee collaboration and customer support.

Commentary: Alan Lepofsky, report author

“The proliferation of digital technology is causing businesses to go through one of the largest shifts since the Industrial Revolution. This digital transformation forces organizations to rethink everything about the way they do business - from the way they manufacture products to their sales and marketing strategies, even the way they communicate with employees and customers. Unfortunately, many companies start planning their digital transformation by discussing the needs of the various generations of people that will be affected by this change. While people of different generations may indeed have different wants and needs, age alone should not be the determining factor used in planning these transformation projects. Instead, Constellation recommends using a combination of a person’s knowledge and comfort level with technology, a characteristic referred to as Digital Proficiency. This report looks at five types of digital proficiency and helps guide organizations on how to tailor their digital transformation to each category.

It’s time to put the “Millennials are different” conversation to bed. When companies make broad assumptions about people based solely on age they are not painting accurate pictures of their employees or customers. Instead, Digital proficiency uses a combination of skill level and comfort with technology to segement audiences into five categories."

This report fits into Constellation’s business-focused research themes: The Future of Work, Next Generation Customer Experience, and Digital Marketing Transformation


ABOUT Alan Lepofksy

Alan Lepofsky is Vice President and Principal Analyst covering collaboration platforms and practices, project management and analytics. Alan’s current research focuses on the evolution of tools and processes that help people get their jobs done.



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Segmenting Audiences by Digital Proficiency



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