When it comes to technology advancements and disruption, what better place to start than in college? The face of the student is changing, and with technology impacting nearly every job and every individual, it’s time to rethink the traditional learning curriculum. We had the pleasure of having Phil Komarny, chief digital officer, and Marni Baker Stein, chief innovation officer, from one of the world’s largest educations systems, The University of Texas System, join DisrupTV to discuss the trends and initiatives to promote big changes in education.   

The Institute for Transformational Learning was formed in 2012 with the goal to answer the questions around influence, accessibility and affordability. As an alumna of UT, I’m proud to see my school leading the charge in the next generation of education, bringing more opportunities for students of all ages in a “lifelong ecosystem of learning,” as Phil and Marni nicely explained.

Their team is focused on a student-centric approach to tear down the typical semester, four-year degree, mid-term tests, goals and achievements normally found in colleges and universities. They are piloting programs to offer personalized experiences based on data collected from each student, which will enable him/her to move at his/her own pace while in school. The data analysis also helps the schools better understand what’s working and what’s not in order to alter programs and provide the best success rates for students at any stage of the education track. To quote UT’s fight song “The eyes of Texas are upon you” (but in a non-creepy way). The pilot programs and successes to date are highlighting a major, positive change for education.

For the full interview, check out the video below.

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DisrupTV Episode 0018: Featuring Phil Komarny, Marni Baker Stein & Kevin Nix from Constellation Research on Vimeo.