Filemobile offers a disruptive technology that goes beyond its niche in on-line media. The company, based in Toronto, Canada, at one level allows its clients to gather, curate, publish, and promote user generated content. At another level the company has developed an Inclusion Theory Layer product complete with mobile device support, API's, authentication, and an SDK that could be used to develop new business models.  Filemobile clients currently use the cloud based technology organize and assemble user-generated content primarily to build brand  or encourage customer engagement. The company reports seeing a lot of growth in internal intranet uses. A few have even begun experimenting with more disruptive ways to take advantage of the technology.


CablePulse 24 (CP24), a Canadian cable and satellite television channel focusing on local news from Toronto and Southern Ontario, used the geo-location features of the product to identify and solicit on-the-spot reporting from viewers during  the Southern Ontario Tornado Outbreak of 2009,  the largest one day flurry of tornados in Canadian history.  CP23 was able to scoop larger, better funded competitors and  break the station's viewership record in the process.


 Source: Flickr

The company's Inclusion Theory Layer product is called Media Factory. It was built from the ground up to handle different media formats in large quantities while also providing flexible workflows for moderation and publishing. Given the right API's there is no reason it could not be used with enterprise systems such as SAP or Siebel to build mobile composite applications.

Privately held, Filemobile clients include Gannett, Wall Street Journal, ABC, and Fox News, Life is Good, Tim Hortons, JC Penney, Farmers, Honda, and Fischer Price.

A good contact at the company is Marc Milgrom who can be reached at + 416 642 652 or at [email protected].