Every year the annual Colorado Technology Association Wine Tasting Event has proven a promising venue to look for disruptive companies and this year's 9th was no exception. Whatever comes to mind when you think of Colorado, it probably isn't wine. Yet some of the best vineyards between the West Coast and the Mississippi are located in the Northwestern part of the Colorado - take that Wyoming, Utah,  and Idaho! Recently over 500 people showed up to talk tech and sip some of the Colorado's best wines at the McNichols Building in the Civic Center

Among the disruptive companies there were ReadyTalk, Net-Results, and Coldwater Software.

ReadyTalk is an audio and web conferencing company based in the fashionable downtown neighborhood of Lodo. The company is not actively recruiting partners but is hiring. The company can be reached at 800.843.9166 or [email protected].

Coldwater Software is a product and services firm built around Microsoft Sharepoint. Based in the Tech Center the company is actively recruiting partners and hiring. A good connection is Greg Rohan at 720-235-0374 or [email protected] his company name .com

Golden based Net-Results offers marketing automation solutions. A fuller description of the company can be found under the story Disruptive Technology Companies: Net-Results.  The company is actively recruiting partners and hiring. Privately held, the Net-Results is profitable and not looking for investors at the moment.  A good contact at the company is Matt Filios at 303.771.2552 or Twitter @MattFilios.