R “Ray” Wang to negotiate Gartner and Forrester contracts for $1

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, April 1, 2015—Constellation Research, Inc. (@ConstellationRG), will conduct complimentary contract reviews of legacy analyst firms for its clients and future prospects. Constellation Research, a Silicon Valley based analyst firm, recognizes many clients are locked into contracts with legacy analyst firms who don’t possess the specialized knowledge and ambition to serve customers in the digital era.

The legacy analyst firm contract has not adapted to new service paradigms in the on-demand economy. 
Drawbacks of the legacy analyst firm contract:

1.    Massive shelfware.  Legacy analyst firms require their clients to purchase a minimum of reader and subscriber seats to research often in the tens of thousands wasted in order to access analysts.

2.    Limited access to research.  Whether sliced by roles, topics, or industries, legacy analyst firms have required a purchase of multiple subscriptions to research that no longer meet the needs of the digital executive. 

3.    Complacency of the analysts.   Research quality has suffered with inconsistent coverage of emerging and disruptive technology, and lower levels of service.  Analysts spend their times crafting squares of despair and tragic quadrants that are obsolete on publication.  Further vendors tie up many resources as they feel forced to participate in antiquated evaluation process of technology.

Drawing on the experience of over 4000 contract negotiations, Constellation’s R “Ray” Wang will assist clients in negotiating contracts with their legacy analyst firms so they may receive the best services at the best price. This is no April Fool’s joke. 

Know what you're paying for. Apply for legacy analyst firm contract review now. 

Constellation will review your legacy analyst firm contract for $1. 

The fine print:

About Constellation Research

Constellation Research is an award winning, Silicon Valley-based research and advisory firm that helps clients navigate tumultuous business environments with disruptive technologies and progressive transformation strategies. Constellation enables forward-thinking visionaries to harness the transformative power of digital technologies to solve tough business problems and advance their careers.