Constellation Publishes Big Idea Report Introducing Matrix Commerce

SAN FRANCISCO – January 16, 2013 Constellation Research, Inc. the research and advisory firm focused on disruptive technologies today announced the publication of “Introducing Matrix Commerce” by Constellation Principal Analyst and CEO, R “Ray” Wang. This Big Idea report, on the heels of NRF 2013, explains and establishes the concept of Matrix Commerce as the force that will shape the future of ecommerce and internet retailing. The report informs decision makers about basic commerce concepts, trends to expect in 2013 and beyond, and provides tips about how to prepare for the impact of Matrix Commerce.

This report reveals:

  • The rationale for Matrix Commerce
  • How Matrix Commerce addresses issues with Perfect Orders
  • How Matrix Commerce can simplify the growing complexity with buyer-centricity
  • 10 steps to prepare your organization for Matrix Commerce

Amid the proliferation of new technologies, business models and economic conditions, a new buyer-centric world has emerged. Consumerization of technologies, manifested in trends such as social networking, mobility, cloud services and Big Data, has raised the expectations of buyers as to the art of the possible. The result - a growing digital divide has emerged between organizations that adopt disruptive technologies and those who fail in creating business transformation.

Matrix commerce describes the processes, technologies and business models emerging at the intersection of omni-channel distribution, payment technologies, demand signals, supply chains, frictionless enablers and Big Data to deliver on a buyer’s expectations. Matrix commerce addresses the emerging complexity of meeting perfect orders in a buyer-centric world. Internal organizational silos of yesteryear must be broken down and re-integrated in order to deliver a seamless buyer experience.

“Sellers must move quickly to a buyer centric design point or face continue failures in interaction, engagement, and loyalty” noted report author, R “Ray” Wang


Introducing Matrix Commerce

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