I recently had the opportunity to speak with one of the world's largest advertising agencies about how they collaborate with their clients. Details of their solution are covered in the Constellation Research case study "Powering Global Client Collaboration with Secure File Sharing, How a Leading Ad Agency Used Egnyte Adaptive Enterprise File Services to Work with Clients". Constellation clients can download the full report here

Here are a few highlights:

  • One of the main tasks of a digital agency is working with clients to create the multimedia assets used in their sales and marketing campaigns. The process is very collaborative, starting with gathering requirements, then brainstorming, multiple rounds of drafts and edits, followed by review, approval and production. Before Egnyte, it was difficult to share files and discuss changes via email. 
  • The CIO along with other department leads started a multi-year technology refresh that focused on platforms with strong cloud-based and mobile features. The project began by replacing their legacy email system with Google’s productivity suite, Google Apps for Work. Google Apps was used not only for email and calendar, but also word processing, spreadsheets, file-sharing and internal web-conferencing all via a single integrated offering. 
  • By switching to Fuze for real-time collaboration with clients, the Agency is able to easily share files from Egnyte into a Fuze video conference, where anyone can participate from his/her computer, phone or tablet. In these meetings, designs are reviewed and improved onscreen, eliminating the typical back and forth exchanges that lead to confusion and costly mistakes. 

Constellation clients can download the full report Powering Global Client Collaboration with Secure File Sharing to learn more about the challenges, solutions, benefits, takeaways and recommendations.


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