We had the opportunity to attend Cloudera's Analyst Days in San Franscisco this week, held at the beautiful Ritz Carlton hotel. The third analyst meeting of the vendor saw record attendance with almost 60 analysts making the trip.
So take a look at this short video for my Top 3 takeaways:


No time to watch -  read on:

Company Growth while preserving culture - The vendor is doing well in all regards, significant revenue, paying customer and partner growth. Talent acquisition challenges are being addressed with a new Budapest development location. Good to see the attention to keep the culture intact, being at 1100 employees not an easy task.  

Cloud & Cybersecurity - Always a treat to listen to Mike Olson, his main point was that Hadoop is now around for real, and moving back to where it started - into the cloud. His other strategic outlook was on cyber security - where Hadoop clearly has a key technology enabler role. 

Quality & Support - This was an area Cloudera said a year ago it would focus further on and it was good to see that Cloudera came back, reported on progress, and showed some good results. 



Good to see the overall progress at Cloudera, the vendor is doing well, it has a plan to take advantage of the 'real' Hadoop adoption wave and it looks that it is handling product growth well. It's great to have Intel as an investor, but also as a partner to share future hardware design, so Cloudera can take advantage of them in its products. Unfortunately most of the product plans were under NDA, likely to be unwrapped in a few months, so can't comment on these. 

On the concern side Cloudera needs to tie together the directions. The vendor went at length to make clear it understands and cares for the vertical needs of Hadoop adoption, but those needs have to find themselves in specific future product capabilities. And I am looking forward to see the first 'hard' feature uptake from Intel into Cloudera software.

Overall Cloudera is in a very good position to keep taking advantage of the rise of Hadoop as the critical data engine for enterprises. 2016 will be (another) key year - stay tuned, we will be watching. 

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