If you’re like most executives who play some type of role in technology selection as an influencer or as a buyer, what keeps you awake at night, aside from the current free fall of stock prices, is trying to make the right choices in regards to technology that are going to help you build momentum quarter over quarter, but also ensure that your business is well positioned for the long haul. According to the New York Times, “keep calm and carry on” seems to be the prevailing sentiment in their latest article covering stock market advice, but it’s still early, so time will tell. 

Disruptive technologies provide just as much opportunity as it provides headaches to those of you who don’t know which are the right ones to leverage for your business. The mindset for a newly minted startup varies so much from an established business that needs to make complex decisions in terms of whether or not to keep certain legacy systems in place, acquire hybrid solutions, or brave the idea of starting fresh, by implementing entirely new systems and still focus on keeping the lights running at night. 

"What’s important to know is how businesses are changing, how they’re affected by technology, and where they will be in 2020” states Holger Mueller, our resident expert on the cloud and next generation applications. If you want to know what you can take advantage of in the near future, find out more about what Holger believes and see if you agree from this webinar replay - The Cloud: 2015 & Beyond. 

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