I'm attending the Ceridian user conference, Insights, this week in Las Vegas. The event is well attended with a record 2000+ attendees. 
Let’s look at the top 3 takeaways from the keynote today:

3 Success Factors – Ceridian CEO David Ossip shared his three success factors for Ceridian to be successful and they formed the base of the structure of the keynote:
  • Employee Engagement – Kudos to Ossip to openly address that employee engagement was challenging at Ceridian two years ago, even showing the GlassDoor scores as part of the keynote.
  • Community – Good to see both vendors and employees engaging in community support, adding the United Way as a charity.
  • Product leadership – Is key in Ossip’s view (no surprise) – and Ceridian invests into product as we saw later with both basic tackling and some good differentiation. One area is significant user interface improvements that 
Ceridian CEO David Ossip Insights
David Ossip talks about Ceridian key Values
Compliance Leadership is the leitmotiv – It is clear that the Ceridian credo is to bring better HR practices together in a single application across HR, Payroll, Talent and Workforce Management. We saw numerous examples, like instant benefits eligibility assessment, paycheck calculation and more. Watch for this in more detail in the upcoming event report. 
TeamRelate  Ceridian Dayforce David Ossip
TeamRelate is pervasive across the Dayforce product

TeamRelate – The acquisition of TeamRelate is giving Ceridian a great differentiator, giving users an understanding how well they can work with and more importantly how the can improve relations with their co-workers. And Ceridian understands the value of the asset, as it has very quickly uptaken the TeamRelate functionality across the product. Not only in performance management, but also in employee profiles, the org chart and many more locations, the TeamRelate information is now surfaced and available for Dayforce users.

MyPOV – A very good start to the Ceridian Insights conference, which keeps innovating with panache around the integrated vision of HCM, Payroll, Talent and Workforce Management. Stay tuned for the event report later this week.

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