We had the opportunity to attend Amazon's AWS unit user conference in Las Vegas, the event is seeing record attendance with over 19k attendees.

So take a peek for the Day 2 keynote and overall event takeaways:
If you don't have a chance to watch - here are my top three takeaways from the event:
  • AWS wants a piece of IoT - One of the area seeing the most interest with our clients as a next generation apps scenario is IoT. And AWS has been already shortlisted for most IoT platform selections due to the breadth of capabilities and capacity (namely S3). So now with a more packaged offering we expect AWS to be even better positioned. What stands out on the architecture side is the creation of a 'shadow' object to the thing, which allow 'doing stuff to the thing' indirectly. And then pricing is purely based on messaging, so scaling the platform from a gateway, rules engine, registry and shadow perspectives is driven through the message pricing, interesting as a truly elastic architecture.
  • AWS pushes for the enterprise - AWS understands what enterprises care about and announced a number of interesting services around DB data migration and product conversion (more here). On the  more disruptive side the new BI offering, Amazon QuickSight is the first AWS product that caters to a business user and is very competitive V1 version of a product, with substantial partner uptake. With partnership agreements like with e.g. Accenture, AWS know how will be more available with traditional trusted sources used by enterprise decision makers.
  • AWS time is now - It cannot get much better for any cloud vendor than things got for AWS during this conference: There is very few enterprises that can top a commitment to move to AWS as an 'all in' move, like GE. And that's what the CIO of GE pretty much said...  apart from IP relevant apps (details are missing) over 9000 corporate IT functions are moving to AWS. And then a banking (!) CIO - the one of CapitalOne - is on stage and says that AWS data centers are more secure than his. Can't get much better either. So AWS can't make a much better case and can't have much better showcases, if the light bulbs in regards of public cloud adoption in the enterprise don't go on now, one can only be sceptical when the go on.


A very good event for AWS, with record attendance, interest and  announcements. For enterprises looking at public cloud use cases, it reconfirms AWS as a prime contender to be on the shortlist, as the vendor has become even more attractive for the enterprise buyer. 
On the concern side we see that AWS needs to find new ways to distribute knowledge, partnership with SIs are only one path, It's tough for anyone to stay on top of the innovation and the Venetian / Sands is bursting at the seams. And AWS needs to reach more of a enterprise audience - beyond the traditional developer audience of  re-Invent conferences. But then AWS CTO Vogels talked for over 15 minutes about IoT use cases, which was kind of odd, as traditionally he delivers a technology talk. It maybe a sign of AWS starting to cater more to the enterprise executive, but we would have to see more of that to call it a trend and with a different audience in attendance. AWS does this usually with AWS Summits, but once a vendor has a certain size, audiences can no longer be segregated and messaging needs to be consistent along the entire year. And lastly AWS needs to tune its platform message and move away from the a collection of technologies that get pieced together. Developer love that, executives dread that. The AWS IoT is an approach in that direction, AWS will need to do more and be firmer on the messaging. 
But overall a very good event for AWS and its customers. There can't be better references for the move to public cloud than AWS had on stage this week. Now it is for enterprises to chart their course.