We have the opportunity to attend Alteryx Inspire 2016 in San Diego, held from June 6th till 10th 2016. The conference is well attended with over 1200 participants, coming from customers, prospects and the ecosystem, a significant growth over the same event a year ago in Boston. 

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Here you go: Always tough to pick the takeaways – but here are my Top 3:

Growth shows strong market position – Alteryx has successfully expanded its portfolio from data preparation to enrichment, analysis and sharing of results. Growth on both the customer, partner and overall eco system side show that Alteryx has mastered the ‘land and expand’ model well. Now the vendor will have to go beyond the US / North America – where this model is less adopted and understood at this point. But the strong value proposition for data analysts should help Alteryx in this processes.

Rich Roadmap is investment in the future – Alteryx is innovating on all aspects of its product value proposition, not just the newer functions post data prep. That is key for propelling future growth and attending users value the speed of product expansion. Particular good to see is that Alteryx is working on usability, as in some cases the product’s look and feel comes over more pedestrian than where it should be. . Equally good to see that Alteryx can also do this with usage logs from users, despite the tooling being deployed on premises. Amongst many planned enhancement, an uptake of Machine Learning stands out, as it will help to automate more repetitive tasks for data analysts. More automation can quickly become table stakes and is key for success of any ‘land & expand’ model in the industry.

From asking IT for forgiveness to IT enablement – For a long time using products like Alteryx was outside the ‘approved’ tooling that IT provided to their business. That did not deter business analysts – often with cover of their superiors – to uptake tools and products like Alteryx – asking IT for forgiveness later. That practice is still in place for many technologies, but it was good to learn from attendees as well as Alteryx, that the tide has turned… now IT is the ‘enabler’ of the business, and Alteryx has become part of the official tooling for enterprises. A good move for all involved, business analysts are empowered, IT is an enabler and not a blocker, and Alteryx … grows.



Good to see the success for Alteryx, empowering its customers to connect, move, prep, blend etc. data in an easier way and fashion, than most vendors who try to achieve the same. Users are fired up and like to use the tool, as some tweets (see below in Storify) in CEO Stoecker’s keynote showed. Also good to see the vendor is not resting on the laurels, but investing in product roadmap and new capabilities. The move to cloud seems to be well underway with partnerships with AWS and Microsoft. Usability and machine learning enhancements will be key for Alteryx going forward so that the vendor can keep operating on the ‘land & expand’ approach – keeping sales costs down, and investing into product instead.

On the concern side Alteryx must master these technology shifts, needs to start thinking of moving the tooling to the cloud and not missing the trend to enable the business end user (with no / limited data know how) as the next user category which will change how enterprises work with data.

But for now there are only very few alternatives to Alteryx when looking for a data prep, data automation solution in the enterprise, good to see IT departments taking, note too. Stay tuned.

Want to learn more? Checkout the Storify collection below.

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