Holger Mueller, Constellation Research VP & Principal Analyst, covers both Future of Work for Human Capital Management (HCM) and Next Gen Apps. The latter is part of Constellation's Technology Optimization theme. He's well-travelled, multilingual, and very active on Twitter (@holgermu) with no shortage of sound advice for business leaders like those who are a part of our executive network community.

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FUTURE OF WORK - HOLGER MUELLER |  VP & Principal Analyst | Constellation Research 

Voice is the new UI, perfect for low frequency users – like your employees using a HCM system."

"Globalization remains strong – no matter what happens in the US – better be prepared."

"The irony of economic isolation in the US for non-US enterprises means more globalization, as they need to be present in the US."

"The future of HCM systems is being invisible for enterprise users, other than HR personnel.

"Prediction: In 2017 we will see #MobileFirst getting trumped by #VoiceFirst."

"Fact: Every generation in the workforce has taken up new technology, as all want to do well. Millennials are no different."