I was really excited to participate on a panel at this year’s Sloan Sports Analytics Conference discussing the future of the ticket marketplace. The other panelists included:

  • John Abbamondi: Executive Vice President – Ticketing, Suites & Hospitality at Madison Square Garden
  • Jamie Brandt: Vice President, Sales and Service at the San Francisco 49ers
  • Jodi Mulkey: Chief Technology Officer at Ticketmaster
  • Zach Long: Chief Marketing Officer at PrimeSport
  • Patrick Rishe (moderator): Director, Sports Business Program at Washington University in St. Louis

We covered a wide range of topics over the course of the hour, including ticket pricing, product mix, creating personalized experiences, retention modeling, leveraging data for sales, and much more.

The video does require a paid subscription to content from 42 Analytics, but there is also a 14 day free trial option, so I hope you check out the panel and many of the other videos posted from this year’s event.