Experienced Communications Executive | Passionate about Employee Experience, Engagement, and Impactful Storytelling

As an accomplished Communications executive, I bring a wealth of expertise from the financial services and automotive industries. My track record is defined by driving employee engagement, fostering cultural alignment and driving organization purpose, resulting in enduring achievements.

I firmly believe empowering employees through tailored, consumer-grade experiences enables them to better see, define and ultimately succeed in their integral role in a company's purpose and strategy. When we combine exceptional employee experiences with robust, inspiring communication, it supports essential dialogues and on-going change for sustained business success. In my view, genuine, transparent storytelling always wins.

My diverse skill set encompasses Employee Experience/Persona R&D, Executive Communications, Crisis Management, CSR, Rebranding, Financial Communications, M&A, Media Relations, Employer Branding, and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. My true passions lie in purpose-driven work, cultivating resilience, and helping individuals connect with their aspirations while finding their authentic voices.