"Business success requires the courage to navigate uncharted waters and the vision to see opportunities where others see challenges." As a seasoned business leader, my career is a testament to this philosophy. I specialize in unraveling complex business problems to drive sustainable growth, a skill honed across diverse industries.

My leadership journey includes pivotal roles at giants like Coca-Cola, Aetna/CVS, and Amazon. Here, I've mastered the art of steering growth in both B2B and B2C environments, with a notable focus on integrating cutting-edge technologies like AI and enhancing consumer experiences in health tech and consumer packaged goods.

I apply a rich blend of strategic insight and deep industry knowledge in my board roles across various sectors, guiding organizations through rapidly evolving landscapes. As president of the Kellogg Graduate School of Management, I am passionately committed to molding future leaders who embody innovation, strategic thinking, and the ability to build meaningful relationships.

My approach is characterized by a deep understanding of human psychology and a keen insight into business dynamics. I am driven by the pursuit of assembling diverse, talented teams, fostering an environment of visionary leadership, and making a tangible impact in every endeavor.

Being recognized among the top 50 Women to Watch for Boards by 50/50 Women on Boards highlights my governance expertise and leadership acumen. Additionally, as a Pipeline Angel, I actively invest in and support tech-driven businesses, and my advocacy for women's empowerment is evident through my engagements with various industry forums.