William Hoernlein Jr. and Lisa Wazenski, IT Manager, North America, Customer & Logistic Services, Johnson & Johnson Healthcare Systems Inc (JJHCS)
  • Data to Decisions
The Project

With the goal of providing the perfect end-to-end customer experience, JJHCS undertook the consolidation and harmonization of key, yet previously disconnected, business processes across its order-to-cash and contracting environments. Each of the business process had its own master data and JJHCS was already managing the master data at the sources, but it lacked data quality and ownership. JJHCS knew it had to fix this problem to accomplish the overarching "perfect end-to-end customer experience" objective and consequently launched a massive unified Master Data Management (MDM) project that has since developed distinct core masters that are now used by multiple operating companies in four different regions of the world.

The Technology


Metrics Matter

The MDM solution currently manages more than 500,000 customers, approximately 4,000,000 cross references and covers more than 300,000 materials (finished goods and raw materials).

  • Since the beginning of the MDM program, success for JJHCS was broadly defined as creating a perfect order, specifically measured by three objectives: 
  • Quality of master data is 100% clean – no duplicates 
  • Sales is not impacted – ensure all sales systems are updated 
  • Duplicate product codes are proactively identified and eliminated.

Further, each month, JJHCS receives GPO rosters that must be processed through the system. Before the MDM program, it was an intensive two-week manual process to determine which members were new, which were end-dated, etc. It's now done in less than five days with much less effort. Volume of rosters processed, speed of processing and accuracy of results are samples of what can now be measured.

Disruptive Factor

MDM has a mantra at JJHCS: "MDM is not a project; it's a way of doing business." Because of this way of thinking, JJHCS has experienced considerable accomplishments and positive business impacts associated with the MDM initiative. And, because of the MDM's ongoing benefits, people at JJHCS can better trust their data and do their jobs faster, easier and more effectively.

Shining Moment

MDM has enabled JJHCS to expand its master data capabilities globally. In the past, data requirements were overlooked. Now, the Global Data Management Team has established itself as a critical partner to the success of any project. JJHCS has strong business partners leading the efforts to build on its capabilities, improve standards and set direction.


ABOUT Johnson & Johnson Health Care Systems Inc.

Johnson & Johnson Health Care Systems Inc. (JJHCS) provides contracting, supply chain and business services to customers of Johnson & Johnson companies, including hospital systems and group purchasing organizations, health plans, physicians, specialty pharmacy providers, distributors and wholesalers, pharmacy benefits managers, long-term care providers, employers, government payor programs and government health care institutions.