Inclusion Layer Technology Employed to Overcome Legacy Billing System and Improve Competitiveness

Case study examines how Time Warner Cable uses aMind Solutions to improve its Oracle Siebel investment by offsetting the limits of legacy billing and improving competitiveness.

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Case Study Table of Contents

  1. At a Glance
  2. The Company
    • Competition Continues to Increase
    • Many Sales and Marketing Channels
    • The Players Hired to Meet the Challenges
  3. The Technology
  4. The Challenges
    • The Legacy Billing System Emerges as a Bottleneck
    • The Market for RPG Programmers Remains Tight
    • Even Simple Pricing Changes Complex
    • Past Attempts at a Solution Have All Been Explored
  5. The Solution
  6. The Strategy
    • Inclusion Theory Layer Creates a Win-Win Opportunity
    • Inclusion Layer Bridges Legacy to Modern Technology
    • The Inclusion Layer Plays Key Role in Project Success
  7. The Impact
    • Higher Sales and Lower Costs
    • Marketing’s Productivity Improved
    • IT’s Productivity Improved
  8. The Takeaways
  9. Analyst Bio: J. Bruce Daley
  10. About Constellation Research

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