Steve Alexander & Tricia Lavender

Director of Talent Acquisition & Talent Attraction Manager, Agile•1 for AccentCare

Supernova Award Category: 

Future of Work – Human Capital Management

The Company: 

AccentCare is a national leader in post-acute home healthcare services and provides services to 80,000 patients and clients each year. To make their operation fulfill its mission, the company staffs and supports over 19,000 dedicated healthcare professionals across 140 offices nationwide.

The Problem: 

AccentCare experienced the following challenges:
 Finding quality talent for specialized healthcare roles at a reasonable cost
 Ability to target job ad spend towards hard-to-fill roles
 Consistently low application-start rates from candidates found on tradition job boards

The Solution: 

The Appcast Solution provides:
 Pay-per-applicant job ad model
 Job-level campaign management to target registered nurses, physical therapists and occupational therapists from an extensive publisher network
 In-depth analytics and downloadable performance reports

The Results: 

After a quick integration with Appcast, Steve Alexander, director of Talent Acquisition at AccentCare, started sponsoring hard-to-fill jobs in AccentCare’s most challenging California markets from inside the employer dashboard. In just a few weeks, Appcast had driven several quality applicants in Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego that were hired almost instantly. This provided Alexander with performance data to support continued use of Appcast as a major source of candidate traffic.
Alexander finds Appcast’s campaign management tools both easy and effective. By separating the hardest-to-fill roles (Registered Nurses, Physical Therapists and
Occupational Therapists) into different campaigns based on priority level or location, Alexander is able to optimize advertising spend to reach the desired cost-per-applicant for each one. With this functionality, the AccentCare team ensures spend is not wasted on easier-to-fill roles like Administrative Specialists or Medical Record Clerks.
Appcast continues to be a leading source of applicants for the AccentCare talent acquisition team. Candidates sourced by Appcast and hired set the lowest cost-per-hire benchmark for AccentCare, out-performing traditional job sites like Indeed and Glassdoor. With a continued collaborative approach to job advertising, Appcast and AccentCare have hit a stride in finding quality applicants and outperforming other advertising sources.


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With Appcast, AccentCare has been able to:
 Source more than 1,000 applicants
 Reduce the average cost-per-applicant lower than all other vendors, including 65 percent lower than Indeed and 33 percent lower than Glassdoor
 Increase average application start rate to 8 percent
For AccentCare, filling empty healthcare roles has traditionally been very expensive. With Appcast, AccentCare pays for only high quality candidates that are being hired.

The Technology: 

Appcast is the leading developer of programmatic job advertising technology. Currently using Appcast Exchange and Appcast Brand.

Disruptive Factor: 

The implementation was extremely smooth and well managed by Appcast. It was one of the first implementations of a new technology in my experience where the level of service has continued to this day. Appcast ensured the team understood what to expect and did an exceptional job at providing training on how the product worked from pulling and understanding the analytics to managing individual job performance.
Appcast has a product that has consistently performed for AccentCare’s critical to fill job openings and offers a solution that is easier to manage than the big Job Boards. The solution has given the team the ability to effectively manage to a budget, evaluate results and provide flexibility in being agile when recruiting needs change. The team has total control of spend and the ability to switch gears at the flip of a switch. Appcast has given
AccentCare a competitive edge with the technology in addition to the new product, Appcast Brand.

Shining Moment: 

AccentCare needed technology to help build its database and increase hires. With Appcast, AccentCare is increasing its investment in the tools and continuing to see the ROI. AccentCare is very happy with the relationship that has formed as a part of its partnership with Appcast.
AccentCare was recognized by Dallas HR and the DFWTRNas Trecruiting Team of the Year in 2015 and as a runner up in 2014.

About Agile•1 for AccentCare

AccentCare is a national leader in post-acute home healthcare services, providing comprehensive care, guidance and support for a wide variety of needs, including short-term, complex and chronic conditions. We have more than 17,000 qualified professionals in 135 offices who are dedicated to improving quality of living.