Andrew Hanisch

System Architect, Experity Health

Supernova Award Category: 
Data to Decisions
The Organization: 

Experity is a leading provider of integrated technology solutions for urgent care providers. The company serves more than 5,700 on-demand healthcare practices across the United States. Experity’s connected solutions enable innovation and efficiency in urgent care, underpinning a superior care experience for an average of 64,000 patients each day.

The Problem: 

Healthcare providers use dashboards to deploy urgent care professionals and resources. Demand is “in the moment,” immediate action is required and the stakes are high. The data behind Experity’s dashboard is drawn from multiple sources and processed in Kafka. However, the company didn’t have an efficient way to deliver that data from Kafka streams to dashboards used by urgent care personnel. Initially, it had relied on batch processing, but it simply wasn’t fast enough, despite significant effort from Experity’s developer team. Realtime capability that delivers the same guarantees as Kafka in terms of speed, reliability and integrity was a must.

Additionally, Experity needed a realtime HIPAA compliant solution that would essentially look after itself. The company must stay focused on developing the urgent care solutions that its clients rely on, not waste time and resources managing infrastructure. 

The Solution: 

Given the time-sensitive nature of urgent care, it was vital that Experity’s dashboard not only have the ability to instantly integrate and visualize historical data, but also provide users with a reliable, real time view of both the availability of doctors and emerging demand for care across multiple locations. 

Experity turned to Ably’s edge messaging solution. Its seamless integration with Kafka delivers real time performance, integrity and availability, as well as HIPAA compliance. Kafka does the big ingress, crunching data, and then Ably is used for last-mile delivery to the clinicians making critical patient decisions. Ably was the ideal solution here. Its system architecture is designed to maintain end-to-end message integrity, which underpins guaranteed message delivery and guaranteed message ordering. 

The Results: 

Urgent care providers can now see, in the moment, which clinics are light and which are heavy. Based on this information, immediate operational decisions about clinic staffing can be made. In terms of efficiency and the patient experience, it is transformative for Experity’s customers - no other healthcare provider has anything like this!


From a financial perspective, the lightning fast three week implementation time firing up the Ably-powered real time implementation produced a huge financial saving for Experity. The company now provides real time decision making capabilities to more than 5,700 U.S. on-demand healthcare practices, serving an average of 64,000 patients each day. Before this project, Experity developers devoted months of effort on messaging projects. Now, these teams are focused on service innovation for Experity’s customers.

The Technology: 

Ably’s edge messaging solution synchronizes data in realtime and provides a seamless user experience. The company’s mathematically modeled approach to system design guarantees business-critical real time digital experiences at scale. Ably’s fault tolerant platform, which can continue to operate even if a component, or multiple components, should fail, ensures that Experity’s dashboard always provides clinicians with a complete, real-time view of operations.


Disruptive Factor: 

Experity has transformed its dashboard from a useful source of business intelligence into a real time resource planning and optimization system for urgent care providers. The dashboard now gives providers the ability to make better resourcing decisions based on real time demand. 

It goes without saying that reliability is business critical for Experity. Its dashboard for real time resource optimization is critical for customers. Outages cause disruption, potentially affecting patient care. As an Experity executive noted, “The majority of our customers rely on the realtime dashboard, so any failure would be a serious issue. Ably is so solid, it’s 100% reliable.”

Shining Moment: 

Urgent care is about confidence. Experity is proud to provide its customers with complete confidence that the data they are seeing is accurate and real-time. In healthcare, data is often the basis for critical decisions – especially those affecting patient care. Experity’s dashboard users can operate with the certainty that they have the full picture at the fingertips – with updates always delivered to every dashboard, and always in the right order.

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