Liesbeth Mulder

Aon Connect Global Reporting Lead, Aon

Supernova Award Category: 

Marketing Transformation

The Organization: 

Headquartered in London, Aon is a global professional services firm providing a broad range of risk, retirement, and health solutions. The firm’s 50,000 colleagues in 120 countries empower results for clients by using proprietary data and analytics to deliver insights that reduce volatility and improve performance.

The Problem: 

With several acquisitions throughout the years, Aon needed to consolidate its silos of data and sales and marketing applications in order to get a single view of its clients and prospects to help the sales organization meet its customer-centric and data-driven goals. It also needed a more robust analytics platform. Aon wanted to unite their 6 CRM tools into a single CRM instance, automating the sales process whenever possible. Within their CRMs, the organization had 1.3 million accounts. After going live with CRM United, the team needed to create reports with out-of-the-box visualizations. But their tool didn’t meet their needs. There was no data warehouse and there were high demands for the CFOs. Four main user groups with more than 11,000 users, made up of standard users, roll-up and sales target managers, and sales operations depended on Aon’s reporting. Aon gathered requirements to create sales dashboards. In a survey, users who needed small to medium datasets detailed their challenges and requests, including:

  • Missing confidential deals in pipeline reports for relevant users
  • Inability to flip between currencies
  • Big data sets led to performance issues
  • Dashboards were too difficult for non-IT skilled users to manage
  • Users only wanted to see the geographic and product data that was relevant for them
  • Power users needed more flexibility and access to satisfy daily queries
  • Too many clicks and filtering to get to insights users needed
The Solution: 

Aon chose Oracle to unite its broader patchwork of CRM applications, under a program called CRM United. Aon started with the Oracle Cloud CX suite, replacing multiple sales applications, including 6 instances of Salesforce, which came from multiple acquisitions. Aon added Oracle CX Service and Oracle Intelligent Advisor to automate client discovery forms for its sales organization. Aon integrates and manages data from various sales and marketing sources and creates dashboards for thousands of sales colleagues. Oracle Autonomous Database with Oracle Analytics automates those tasks and provides the required security, reporting, and performance, all with less database maintenance and user training.

The Results: 

By eliminating data silos and adding robust analytics and reporting,

With a centralized CRM application and analytics platform, Aon:

  • Eliminated data silos
  • Blended data from sources like Eloqua to enrich the dataset
  • Created a seamless user experience
  • Cleaned up data quality and correction cases, therefore improving overall data health
  • Boiled 16 different sites and programs to one central place to enable sales
  • Automated sales, marketing, and services processes
  • Cut cost and time consolidating onto Oracle Cloud CX, which allowed Aon to centralize its app expertise under one core team
  • Boosted performance 50x to 60x with Oracle ADW and OAC, running on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
  • Lowered analytics costs compared to on-premise BI tools previously used
  • Saved 15 hours per week with Oracle ADW with data management tasks
  • Enhanced security of confidential sales

Visualizes business trends, client sentiment, and sales performance to drive campaigns and generate leads


Aon saved about 32.5 days of operational processes thanks to the faster performance that Oracle ADW provided them. Their centralized home for CRM data freed analysts from tedious data management tasks and granted them more time to find insights in data and take action. Aon reduced costs by 50% while improving insights and experiences with Oracle Analytics. With CRM United, the Aon team could now reach out and collaborate, resulting in one voice to the customer instead of many like before. Their users no longer have to bounce around between 16 different locations to get info because thanks to their easy-to-use, integrated solutions, users can find their data in one place, being the homepage of the CRM platform. Six different instances were consolidated into a single instance by switching to Oracle Sales. Cross-selling increased by 15%. Marketers have all their info in a single place and can pull any client insights in order to refine marketing efforts. Aon CIO, Teffani Zadeh, made a point to emphasize the process improvements ranged to the fine granular details as well, such as the number of clicks users had to make to get the info that Aon need. She said, “we can provide insights with the push of a button across all of our regions, all of our solution lines – something that we have never, ever been able to do before.”

The Technology: 

Oracle for Technology & Consulting via the Rapid Start program, 5 days for onboarding Sales and Marketing info.

The combination of Oracle products working in union, such as Oracle Cloud CX, Oracle CX Service, Oracle CX Marketing, Oracle CX Sales, Oracle Analytics, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Oracle Autonomous Database, and Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse (ADW), helped Aon create their centralized CRM United solution to move the business and their customer experience forward.

Disruptive Factor: 

Aon’s CRM United was not only a gamechanger in the master data management impact it had for the company but also for the major cultural change benefits it brought with it. The consolidation of reporting tools has increased collaboration and the surfacing of new opportunities. Their excellent technological improvements continued in their change management as it helped breed a culture of data-backed and trusted decision-makers! Unifying the experience and instances on one platform really helped change the customer experience, not only for the end customers that Aon’s sales and marketing are talking to but also for the actual sales and marketing teams themselves. Aon CIO, Teffani Zadeh noted that a major area of impact “was when a team member anywhere in the world could open up an account and see all the other team members across the world that were servicing that account. Talk about an immediate connection!” 

So far, Oracle Analytics Cloud has given Aon many angles and ideas to improve upon.

Shining Moment: 

Sales and marketing started collaborating and went to their clients as a team, instead of setting 3 separate meetings with the same client. Combining and enriching their data with survey data helped Aon flag accounts as potential leads. NPS scores increased by 9 points after using OAC. Centralized data allowed them to report across all of their entities with insights quickly showing how Aon is doing, what forecasts look like, new opportunities and gaps, and where to guide the business.

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