Eddie Safille

VP of Talent Management, Arc Broward

Supernova Award Category: 

Future of Work: Human Capital Management

The Organization: 

Arc Broward is a nonprofit enterprise located in Sunrise, Florida. It’s focused on helping children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, such as autism and Down syndrome. Arc Broward helps in different areas, helping youths and children with its ABLE after-school program and Camp ABLE. It also offers day programs for adults, life-skill programs, intensive behavior support programs and other programs for adults.

Moreover, Arc Broward offers rehabilitation therapy services on the healthcare side. Through its Arc Works program, Arc Broward offers advisory services to businesses on the benefits of hiring workers with developmental disabilities, partnering with employers for their training, placement and ongoing coaching.

The Problem: 

With the many different activities of Arc Broward, human resources quickly can become a headache. But not only do the many charitable activities of Arc Broward pose a challenge, its multigenerational workforce is an equally substantial issue.

Like many nonprofits, Arc Broward tried to stay on top of HR with a paper-based system, only automating payroll. Obviously, the paper-based approach created a lot of challenges regarding timelines, workload and statutory compliance. On top of that, Arc Broward was unhappy with its existing payroll provider.

The Solution: 

In 2016, Arc Broward looked for a new human capital management (HCM) solution that was able to overcome the organization’s dependence on paper but also automate all people processes in a single HCM suite. With Ultimate Software located in the next town, and Ultimate already volunteering its employees’ time for Arc Broward, it was not surprising that Arc Broward picked Ultimate.

Arc Broward went live at the beginning of 2017 with software covering HR, payroll and time and attendance functions. The nonprofit then went through some management changes, which caused an implementation break; it resumed when Eduardo Safille joined as vice president of talent management, implementing Recruiting and Onboarding, deploying the mobile app and shifting the existing paper-based personnel records to electronic documents attached to employee profiles in an effort to create electronic personnel records.

The Results: 

Arc Broward has not performed a detailed ROI study. But its use of Ultimate Software’s UltiPro has resulted in significant benefits to its operations, including:

  • Freed-up head count. Arc Broward freed up half of full-time employees in payroll by adopting UltiPro.

  • Improved candidate experience. The whole recruiting process has been streamlined, improving the candidate experience. For instance, Arc Broward was able to reduce the time needed to sign paper forms for a new hire from over one hour to less than five minutes.

  • Faster talent acquisition. With the use of UltiPro, Arc Broward was able to reduce the time between employment offer and onboarding from weeks to three days. This allowed the nonprofit to get valuable new employees to work significantly faster.

  • Savings from moving electronic record keeping. Arc Broward is enjoying the increased office space with increasingly fewer filing cabinets needed.

  • No more compliance worries. 

  • Higher productivity and engagement. Arc Broward’s workforce is now better connected and more engaged at work, thanks to the UltiPro “gadgets” page and the mobile app.

  • Freed up 0.5 FTE from Payroll for Talent Processes (in a 450 FTE organization]
  • Improved Candidate Experience – Document signing down from 60 minutes to 5 minutes
  • Saved substantial office space by moving to electronic records
  • Can’t put a pricetag on addressing all compliance concerns of the manual / paper based system before.
The Technology: 

Ultimate Software’s UltiPro.

Disruptive Factor: 

Moving from paper and siloes to an integrated HCM system that is used across the chartiable organization – making a difference every day.

Shining Moment: 

“UltiPro enables us to focus on our mission to help persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities by creating efficiencies in HR processes so we can devote more time to value-adding activities.” — Eduardo Safille, VP of Talent Management, Arc Broward

About Arc Broward

For more than 60 years Arc Broward has worked hand-in-hand with our community, changing how people with disabilities and other life challenges are embraced and included.  This critical work ensures that people with disabilities, not only live, learn, work, and play in their communities, but more importantly, thrive.