Mike Brusov

CEO & co-founder , Cindicator

Supernova Award Category: 

Data-Driven Digital Networks (DDNs) and Business Models

The Organization: 

Founded in 2015, Cindicator is a fintech company improving investment decision-making amid high uncertainty through predictive analytics. Cindicator uses blockchain technology to create a unique ecosystem of 130,000 decentralized analysts whose insights are enhanced by AI. We gather more than 400,000 predictions about digital assets and traditional market and transform this data by adding ML processing into valuable indicators. We call it Hybrid Intelligence. We envision a future where the collective intelligence of analysts, data scientists, and investors is leveraged by AI to solve the most pressing problems of the post-capitalist era.

The Problem: 

At the moment we can see that centralised institutions, governments and decision-making organisations demonstrate inefficiencies.  We believe that decentralised collective intelligence combined with artificial intelligence will be a solution to this. The technology can be applied to a variety of spheres: economy, politics, sociology and ecology. But for now, we're focusing on finance. Financial markets, especially the digital asset market, are irrational and unpredictable, and it can be hard to make the right decision amid high uncertainty. The lack of quality data for digital assets adds even more uncertainty. And this uncertainty can often lead to substantial losses. 

The Solution: 

Cindicator creates predictive analytical products for asset management based on Hybrid Intelligence. 130,000+ analysts around the globe answer questions about various assets and provide their market perspective. We keep the track record of their progress: accuracy for specific assets. This sustainable ecosystem generates over 400,000 predictions per month. 30+ machine learning models and a fully-fledged neural network process this unique data set to create highly valuable indicators, sentiments and signals. Then the bespoke predictions and analyses are distributed to CND token holders.


The Results: 

-130,000+ from analysts in our ecosystem and growing
-400,000 predictions per month 
-17,000 token holders 
- 30+ machine learning models
- the accuracy score is 60%
-trading strategies based on HI outperformed all known benchmarks for the last year 


1. Before: the lack of data on crypto and global markets; uncertainty when making decisions 
After: traders, investors, asset managers of all sizes use Cindicator products for developing and improving investment and trading decision.  
2. Before: the lack of education in crypto; exclusivity of the finance industry 
After: Cindicator promotes inclusion into the closed financial community; everyone who joins Cindicator can grow their expertise about finance, some of Cindicator forecasters grow into superforecasters with the help of our application and educational materials; some of them get invited to work as professional financial analysts  

The Technology: 

Hybrid Intelligence combines the insights of thousands of individual analysts and artificial intelligence. Cindicator’s unique feature is the combination of three data sets in one analytical pipeline: analyst’s forecasts, technical analysis, and social media barometer. All these three data sources have their own pros and cons; the AI takes the most relevant data from each source, cuts off the trash-figures, and produces valuable knowledge.

Disruptive Factor: 

The uniqueness lay in the symbiosis of crowd wisdom and AI, man and machine. We are actively expanding the scientific community around our infrastructure, business and ecosystem giving access to our work and technologies so we can act together to solve critical and relevant problems. We develop our platform and forecasting modules to suggest new ways of decision-making in times of high uncertainty.

Shining Moment: 

-Token sale in September 2017 raised $15mn hard cap;
-100,000 analysts on the platform 
-implementation of own neural network 
-accuracy score 60% 
-unique analytical challenges (with MOEX, GOPAX) 

About Your Organization

Some examples of real uses cases of our analytical products, articles are written by our community member and token holder. https://blog.cindicator.com/1st-qtr-2019-options-trading-with-cnd-39-thr...