Radhika Arora

Director, Inbound Recruiting and Marketing, Open Systems Technologies

Supernova Award Category: 

Future of Work: Human Capital Management

The Company: 

Open Systems Technologies, founded in 1990, is an international staffing firm focused primarily on information technology, though expanding into other industries. Roughly half its business is based on permanent placements, and the other half in long-term consulting. Open Systems has been a Bullhorn customer since 2009.

The Problem: 

Open Systems lacked comprehensive reporting capabilities and missed out on job placements due to manual processes. It faced two significant problems: it couldn’t report at scale, and it missed out on job placements due to cumbersome data entry problems.


Open Systems’ existing reporting system was difficult to access and often inaccurate. With only one employee with administrator rights, there was only one point of contact across the entire business to run reports and answer questions. Reports couldn’t be customized based on individual needs or preference, and the system wasn’t particularly user-friendly, making interpreting the data difficult.

Open Systems also found that its existing VMS process was too slow to keep up in the competitive environment. Manually inputting jobs could take anywhere between one and seven minutes, prompting account managers to omit these jobs entirely. Recruiters were also neglecting to close jobs, which was a tiring manual process.

The Solution: 

Open Systems expanded its reporting capabilities with Bullhorn Canvas and reduced manual data input time with VMS Access.

Open Systems was one of the first adopters of Bullhorn Canvas when it was released in beta. Not only could learning be shared across the company with multiple points of contact, but each department could also run its own independent reports. There was no longer a need for one individual with the entire knowledge base, and catching and solving errors became a much quicker process.

VMS Access also significantly helped Open Systems Technologies. The jobs that recruiters were neglecting to manually add into their system were now pulling automatically, increasing their total submittals and saving the company valuable time and money.

The Results: 

The results Open Systems saw with Canvas were instantaneous and helped the business glean better insights into its operations.

“Today, we’re running reports on anything and everything—it’s so easy,” Arora said. “Canvas gives you access to every single piece of data that’s in your Bullhorn system, which makes it easy to find information—even if it’s not explicitly stated within the requirements.”

Open Systems is even able to create ad-hoc reports for cross-module data, which was never possible before Canvas. Today, Open Systems can do this in an instant.

“More jobs are being put in the system because we don’t have the same time constraints,” Arora said. “They’re being input, closed, and put on hold a lot faster because it’s all automatic.”

Now that Open Systems’ recruiters are saving time on VMS jobs, they’re able to reallocate that saved time toward more unique, hard-to-fill placements.


The results that Open Systems found from the value of Canvas speak for themselves, especially the ability to run clean-up reports—an undertaking that has transitioned from several hours to several seconds.

Open Systems has 250,000 candidates and more than 114,000 jobs total jobs in its system with an average of 3,500 jobs open at any given time. If their teams aren’t staying on top of the reports, they can easily fall behind on cleaning. With Canvas, Open Systems always stays on top of it; the clean-up reports alone saves Open Systems up to $3,000 each year.

Open Systems has seen similar results through its recent implementation of VMS Access. The company saves up to $5,000 annually by automating their VMS workflow. And VMS Access can close more than 1,000 jobs at 11:30 p.m., which is incredibly helpful to the entire Open Systems team.

The Technology: 

Bullhorn Canvas and VMS Access

Disruptive Factor: 

Open Systems’ use of Bullhorn Canvas and VMS Access greatly increases the firms productivity and efficiency, giving the firm deeper insights into its operations. Bullhorn Canvas helps Open Systems go beyond standard reporting and puts the power of ad-hoc reporting directly in its hands. The Open Systems team can glean powerful insights from otherwise hidden data, including relationship velocity, employee performance, KPIs, and business metrics.

By amplifying the power of Bullhorn to help Open Systems manage their end-to-end sales, recruiting, and delivery workflow processes, Bullhorn Canvas turns data from interactions with clients and candidates into prescriptive insight that can help businesses make more profitable decisions.

With VMS Access, Open Systems can increase service levels, win more business, and improve productivity. Bullhorn provides a simple way for Open Systems to integrate and automate the entire VMS workflow:

Eliminate duplicate data entry: VMS requisitions are automatically entered into the ATS, and candidate submissions are automatically pushed back into the VMS—no data entry required.

Automate business processes: New VMS reqs are filtered and assigned, recruiters are notified with details, and req status updates are automated.

Provide real-time visibility: Executives can easily determine which requisitions generate the highest ROI and have confidence that their data is accurate and updated.

Shining Moment: 

The biggest shining moment - or the biggest prize that Open Systems received in its eyes - in implementing Bullhorn Canvas and VMS Access was simply the time-saving factor with Bullhorn’s VMS Access. “The fact that VMS Access can close over 1,000 jobs at 11:30 at night is incredibly useful,” said Arora. “It may seem like a small benefit, but I think it’s one of the biggest reasons people like VMS Access.”

About Open Systems Technologies

Open Systems Technologies is one of the largest, privately held staffing companies in North America, with more than 25 years of proven industry experience. It provides contract, contract-to-hire, and permanent placements for financial services, insurance, retail, healthcare, energy, telecommunications, government, offshore project staffing and payroll administration.