Martin Stein

Chief Product Officer, G5

Supernova Award Category: 

Digital Marketing Transformation and Sales Effectiveness

The Company: 

With AI, G5 enables smarter marketing in real estate. The leader in real estate marketing optimization for property managers, G5 helps marketers amplify their impact with predictive logic that integrates market and consumer signals across direct multi-channels. Driven by inbound digital strategies, customer journeys come from mobile and web. G5’s Intelligent Marketing Cloud helps real estate marketers pinpoint prospects with purchase intent and fill property vacancies faster. Powered by cross-channel data and activated by AI, G5’s platform empowers real estate marketers to optimize marketing investments and leverage actionable insights. With H2O Driverless AI, G5 leverages machine learning to improve speed, accuracy and predictive qualities in generating customer insights.

The Problem: 

In today’s digital age, the customer journey is constantly shifting across digital advertising, search engine optimization, web, mobile, social and more. Today’s marketers must simultaneously oversee and meet their prospects and customers at these various channels to ensure a frictionless experience. G5’s Intelligent Marketing Cloud integrates cross-channel data on real estate for property managers into one platform, empowering marketers with actionable insights to reach their audience and convert prospects into leads. Given the vast depth and breadth of data G5’s platform is constantly ingesting, the company sought a way to leverage machine learning to improve accuracy and speed in delivering predictive insights. However, the hefty price tag of hiring highly sought-after data science talent and processing large machine learning workloads was prohibitive for the startup.

The Solution: 

G5 teamed up with to uplevel the machine learning capabilities of its Intelligent Marketing Cloud with the latter’s automated machine learning platform, H2O Driverless AI. By automating and accelerating the typical data science workflow, H2O Driverless AI supplements the skills of G5’s data science team and delivers high predictive accuracy that is comparable to expert data scientists. H2O Driverless AI is built to empower both technical and analytical employees at companies of all sizes to harness the potential of machine learning.

Oftentimes, the value of predictive modeling is only realized when machine learning models are moved from development into production deployment. However, with H2O Driverless AI’s high-class computing power, the models run on live data, delivering accurate and instant insights. With greater accuracy and speed, G5 is able to optimize its platform to better inform and advise its customers.

The Results: 

With improved machine learning capabilities, G5 enables real estate marketers to take an accurate and proactive, rather than reactive, approach to their marketing strategies. Together, G5 and have accelerated the process of ingesting, processing and training of cross-channel data, allowing the Intelligent Marketing Cloud to learn from its inputs and generate predictive insights. These insights then point to actionable opportunities to improve ROI through every step of the customer journey, from channel attribution to the classification of inbound phone calls with natural language processing.

Consequently, marketers are able to pursue leads with more accuracy – freeing up time, lowering costs and improving success rates for converting inbound leads, improving occupancy rates and net operating income. The platform has empowered marketers to simultaneously prioritize and convert inbound leads from phone calls and forms at a rate of 2.5x over the real estate average, and 3x when coupled as an inbound through a digital advertisement.


With H2O Driverless AI, innovations on G5’s Intelligent Marketing Cloud saw performance gains of:

  • 95% lead scoring accuracy
  • 5x faster model building
  • Work performed at the equivalent of 2 technical staff

By leveraging H2O Driverless AI, G5 can provide a superior solution for real estate marketing – one that simultaneously provides an overview of the customer journey and generates actionable insights for property managers. In the real-estate industry, where nearly 50 percent of a digital marketing budget leads to a phone call, the G5 Intelligent Marketing Cloud platform can identify inbound leads with a purchase intent with 95 percent accuracy, a dramatic increase over the 85-89 percent rate prior to Driverless AI-enabled machine learning. In fact, the insights generated from the platform empower marketers to simultaneously prioritize and convert inbound leads at a rate of 2.5 to 3 times over the real estate average.

The partnership provides G5 with a unique position in the property management marketplace with an end-to-end dashboard that guides proactive marketing decisions to find and secure paying tenants.

The Technology: 
  • H2O Driverless AI
  • H2O-3
  • Google Analytics 360
  • AWS
  • Spark 2.0
  • IBM Watson
Disruptive Factor: 

Combining G5’s depth of cross-channel data with H2O Driverless AI’s machine learning capabilities results in a marketing platform that is constantly learning and generating actionable insights that connect marketers to decision-ready prospects with a high degree of accuracy. As a result of the partnership, G5 has optimized its Intelligent Marketing Cloud for predictive marketing, gaining a competitive edge in the property management marketplace. Real estate marketers can make smarter decisions, drive higher conversions, optimize marketing spend and reduce vacancy rates.

With end-to-end intelligence and an intuitive user interface, Driverless AI delivers the expertise of a “data scientist in a box” that can be utilized by both engineers and business analysts. This has enabled G5's data science team to focus on more complex problems, as well as accelerated innovation and market-changing product releases.

Driverless AI’s interpretability features seek to eliminate the “black box” of AI and cultivate users’ trust in its processes by delivering understandable interpretations of why generated models are selected. Consequently, users can fine-tune and tweak existing models to adapt to current data rather than retrain them from scratch. Driverless AI’s ability for machine learning to learn from machine learning accelerated beta testing, and time to market. AI to do AI is a watershed moment in the industry.

Shining Moment: 

The ultimate reward is the customers’ success. In testing G5’s predictive solutions on its Intelligent Marketing Cloud using H2O Driverless AI, customers can see and experience inbound calls automatically prioritized in the queue. Based on machine learning and natural language processing, customers validated that “hot” calls prioritized in the Intelligent Marketing Cloud interface were indeed, calls with a very high purchase intent. The added value sold itself.

About G5

As the leader in real estate marketing optimization, G5 is a predictive marketing SaaS company that uses AI and other emerging technologies to help marketers amplify their impact. Through its Intelligent Marketing Cloud, G5 delivers unrivaled performance and scalability through predictive analytics, 1:1 customer journeys, hyper-personalized customer experiences and continuous spend optimization.