Meagen Eisenberg, Vice President, Demand Generation, DocuSign


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The Project

We implemented Marketing Automation technology at DocuSign to improve lead generation, accelerate pipeline, increase revenue and effectively build a relationship between the sales and marketing teams. Within a few months, we accelerated our lead quality, pipeline and revenue significantly along with the collaboration between marketing and sales.  Communications are more effective and streamlined, and high quality leads are now passed to the sales team, saving time, accelerating deals and increasing close rates for DocuSign.

The Technology

Eloqua Marketing Automation

Metrics Matter

DocuSign jumped in quickly (thanks to prep work and buy-in) and more than 70 percent of sales worldwide adopted Marketing Automation and the sales enablement tools from the start.  Pipeline doubled and then tripled the following quarter - not only did the number of opportunities jump, but also the average deal size grew, netting a higher average selling price.  This drastrically improved early results – as a SaaS business, churn reduced noticeably worldwide, and the DocuSign European business saw more than 330 percent quarter over quarter growth in revenue.

Disruptive Factor

DocuSign executed a lightning fast implementation of Marketing Automation and used it as a competitive advantage.  Successful lead generation, targeted and timely messaging along with sales and marketing alignment drives revenue, and DocuSign collaborated across the organization, implemented industry best practices, and automated the buyer’s journey against the sales cycle. We created an in-depth, extensive project plan where every team member and department within DocuSign was responsible for making the implementation a success.

Shining Moment

Marketing automation – both the technology and the internal process changes for the sales and marketing teams at DocuSign has transformed the business. When asked about it, Dustin Grosse, the CMO at DocuSign said: “Our Marketing Automation implementation is delivering a hugely valuable set of capabilities, programs, content, and results. It’s helping yield the best demand generation lead and web revenue results our company has ever seen.”


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