Nov 3, 2023
11:00am - 12:00pm

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Thomas Kurian
CEO at Google Cloud


Twitter: @ThomasOrTK


Bill Holstein
Author of Battlefield Cyber: How China and Russia are Undermining Our Democracy and National Security

My next book, my 10th, is entitled “Battlefield Cyber: How China and Russia Are Undermining Our Democracy and National Security.” I have co-authored it with Michael McLauglin, who was involved in covert ops for the U.S. Navy before assuming a senior position at the U.S. Cybercommand. He recently left government to join a major law firm, which is why he can be my co-author. We combined our knowledge bases to describe in detail how China and Russia have learned to use the Internet and our IT infrastructures to steal secrets, collect massive amounts of data, create thousands of fake bots on social media, and many more pernicious activities. We spend part two of the book describing the right responses. Prometheus will publish the book in early 2023.

My previous book was entitled, “A Grand Strategy: Countering China, Taming Technology and Restoring The Media” from Brick Tower Press. It reflects my own experiences in China, covering technology and serving as a journalist and observing the media scene for 50 years. It appears as it is becoming increasingly clear that China is challenging the United States for technological and moral leadership globally. On the basis of this experience, I offer suggestions about how to respond to China and how to ensure that technological progress serves our social and political needs while curbing the power of the Big Tech platforms. And lastly I argue that the American mainstream media needs to rededicate itself to the proposition that it must move beyond partisanship and create a national dialogue for how America can move forward.

A previous book, which appeared in 2019, was “The New Art of War: China’s Deep Strategy Inside the United States.” It argued that the Chinese government was orchestrating a complex long-term plan to steal technology primarily through very sophisticated hacking and penetration of U.S. companies by Chinese and Chinese-American agents. Further, I argued that the party-state was, and is, waging a soft war inside the U.S., penetrating U.S. government entities and intimidating Hollywood studios and many universities. Subsequent developments, including what Microsoft said was a hack of its systems sponsored by Chinese state-affiliated entities, have established that the patterns I identifed two years ago have only intensified.

Twitter: @HolsteinWJ


Michael G. McLaughlin
Principal – Government Relations, Co-Chair, Cybersecurity and Data Privacy Practice Group